Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A dress a day 2 (all £100 & under)

The reason I've gone for dresses under £100 is based on the premise the middle classes are on a budget!  Even if we wanted to splash the cash the fact is we have a whole things we need to pay first and the new mantra is think before you drink spend!

ASOS is a company which offers some great pieces at reasonable prices. I'm selecting a black number again but this one is for someone whose happy with their pins and can wear it bared legged (daring) or with some lovely tights. My only caveat is don't wear it with red lipstick and red shoes (Strictly fans will know what I mean). Either or is fine but when you wear a black dress and a shorter one at that I still think you want to aim for demure not brash.

I love the 60s feel of this dress and the texture of the material. All it needs is a cocktail ring and some statement earrings if you wear your hair up or have short hair.


  1. Love that dress, but we're in Hardcore Hot summer so I need cool play focks...but it is so chic. How's your garden?

  2. Wow. This is a frock I would love to wear.

    But I would want to wear it with red lipstick and red shoes :). Please say more about what the Strictly fans know that I don't.


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