Monday, 21 November 2011

Just as useful as a dress

I know it still should all be about the dresses but sometimes a skirt is as useful as a dress. Firstly when it is an evening maxi skirt you don't have to worry about hairy legs, your calves, whether you need to add lotion to dry legs or if you need a fake tan. Boots, sandals or courts will work with the skirt and then it is adding a shirt (satin or leopard methinks) or a top.

I've had a Kate Moss for Topshop maxi skirt from her first collection, the only item I ever bought and it has proved entirely useful. It is starting to look a bit worn but I'm determined to squeeze another two years out of it!

If I wasn't being so tight and did need to replace it then I would be hot footing it to M&S to get this number which is also handily has 25% at the moment making a £45 bargain even more of a bargain.And don't forget to save on postage by opting for collect in store.

I would wear this skirt a la Ines ( de la Fressange)- flat pumps, a tee and a statement necklace, for what it is worth. And by day a la Sarah (Lund) with a knit. Who needs jeans!


  1. A maxi is my go-to item in winter (and summer) - basically all the comfort of trousers but with skirt-style. Yes please!

    Having said that, I am on the hunt for a truly evening-wow one. I like this one ... might have to do a bit of shopping!

  2. Maxi skirts aren't that great when you are y height with hips - unfortunately.

  3. Yes, that is brillo—it allows for many different looks by pairing it with different tops, versus a dress, which is always the same dress!

  4. Oh yes, that's a classic piece.


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