Monday, 14 November 2011

Dress 6 of a dress a day

Gosh it is half way through November. I always know this as my birthday is in 2 days time. Today is the birthday of Prince Charles and when I was younger because my parent's always listened to Radio 4 they would announce his birthday. I think they did quite a few birthday mentions of well known people. Since I don't listen to Radio 4 in the morning I'm not sure if they still do this. But I always think of today as Prince Charles's birthday.

Given his fondness for navy blue (or was it Diana who loved him in a navy blue suit?) I've selected a dark blue dress. It was quite touching that he wore a navy blue suit for her funeral and I always admired the fact both of them, despite the obvious emotional fallout issues of their ill fated marriage, put the boys first and not just privately but publicly too.

Back to the dress - it is a bit of a bargain for a evening dress at £36 but it is only available in size 8, 10 and 12. It's an Oasis dress on the John Lewis website. If you are size 8, 10 or 12 then it is a great bargain. Blue will stand out but is simple to pair with black tights or shoes and just add a necklace and your look is complete.


  1. Nice sale bargain, and very versatile. I'm size 10 but sadly need to empty my wardrobe not fill it at the moment!

  2. I think this is my fav so far and Oasis surprises me sometimes. Love the blue colour - no more LBDs for me!

  3. They did mention Prince Charles' birthday this morning on R4 and even played God Save The Queen. I was just thinking how old-fashioned and English it is!

    And I love the dress too, but sadly I am size 14. (Until that diet I'm going on after Christmas, ha ha!)

    Helena xx

  4. I never knew about the navy blue suit thing, I am so glad he wore one to the funeral. Poor Diana xx

  5. Great dress. Gack model & styling. That dress would suit someone with curves and lovely soft skin. That model looks like an ice-lolly stick.

  6. Love the frock. More people should wear purple.

    What will you be wearing on Christmas day? Thoughts?

    What should I do- I hate my entire wardrobe but am prepared to spend $0 revamping it. Maybe accessories are key? xxx

  7. Bummer, I won't fit into a size 12 from Oasis. Not just at the moment anyway.


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