Monday, 25 February 2008

Bomber wars

Is it just me or has there been an uber explosion of leather jackets? The rock chic bomber has been peeping under the radar for a while but in the last few weeks every other London gal from Edmonton to Tooting or Ealing to Leytonstone has been sporting one!

A weekend visit to Bath and Bristol only highlighted the capital city is weeks ahead with overkill. Tan or Sand numbers seem to be nudging ahead. Being more of a black or chocolate gal myself I'm torn between these two (Oasis- left and M&S - right, try to see beyond their dreadful pic) having failed to locate the cheap as chips number from Tesco's F&F range - I know no shame when it comes to the budget!


  1. Truly it is ubiquitous and is it the fault of Peaches, Alex etc

  2. Ha I'm a tan cuplrit and a handy casual number it is too, 'cept so nuffin to do with anyone else but when in a crowd and all that

  3. I like the M&S; the length is right for me. The Oasis bomber is cute, but would be too short for me, alas.


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