Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Kew-ute enough

Now the other day I alluded to my surpise High Street shop as of February 08. It was of course Kew, the little sis of bigger brand Jigsaw. I've dallied with Kew once in a while particularly for older ladies who need a bit of injection into their wardrobe with some nice items but nothing too OTT.

This season they've got some great pieces in. Pieces that make you think APC, even MJ and at prices that make your bank balance sing. It is very French louche and avant garde - you can imagine being in the 7th and 6th arrondissements of the Left Bank sipping your cafe and reading Simone De Beauvoir or actually more pleasurable The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (how wonderful is this book!).

Skittish and yet stylish - you can embrace this look even after the age of 35 - it's Kew don't ya know. Go on be an artisan and for attidude add some Tom Ford sunnies


Pick up their mini brochure for their key offerings as the website is rather HOPELESS!!


  1. Oh will take a peep - usful to know of fresh things

  2. I wish I lived within range of the shop! I liked it a lot when I did live within range.


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