Monday, 11 February 2008

It’s a good f***ing read

Janet Street Porter's latest publication 'LIFE'S TOO F***ING SHORT' is an easy and interesting read. Now, I'm drawing breath as I say this but it is a lot like mine. The genre is exactly the same – get on with things, get organised and stop wasting time and money. The difference between Janet's and mine is vast - she has got a beautifully presented and well edited little number. Mine, it's a real little basic model when it comes to presentation. I saw what my book would be like with a publication team to turn the excellent subject matter into something more visually pleasing.

Both Janet and I adopt a talking to you style of writing, and of course JSP is absolutely hilarious. Her style of straight talking is brought to life because as you read you can hear her distinctive voice. This book will keep you amused on the bus, tube or sitting enjoying the pleasures of a solitary coffee. It is useful and does prompt you to think. Her best advice is on careers. Her no nonsense approach and useful tips are inspiring. You can't go wrong with this sort of book if you want something to make a bit of a shift in your approach to a host of day to day matters.

Where I think JSP is borderline with her advice it's because the disparity of her income and choices are different to those who might not have the same disposable income. For example, yes the personal shopping service is good in Liberty but you need to have saved for an age to buy items if it is a special occasion or have quite a decent budget to buy items even though there is no pressure to buy. I think you might get away with not selecting a single item once but twice.....

Also Janet does the no ... her never to be seen dead in list was a poncho, wedge heeled shoes, pvc trousers and a jumpsuit. Well, it's just a view and not necessarily useful to make someone uncomfortable because actually they might like to wear wedges or ponchos/capes etc. I think throw away don't aren't necessary. In her holiday section she pointed out why choosing spa getaways aren't really holidays or travel. Her views and insight were interesting, funny and thought provoking. Her style section is good but has less substance. Her bit about altering designer clothes is great!

Overall you will get a lot out of reading 'LIFE'S TOO F***ING SHORT', however Make Do & Mend will really get you sorted on the money front, whereas JSP is more about cutting dead wood, saving time, making choices that get you to optimise your life.


  1. I'm sure yours is excellent don't compare!!

  2. Have got your book and it is great.I'm on the road to recovery and still looking good x


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