Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Hitting the mark

I tend to make fun of Boden due to Johnnie Boden's shall we say enthusiasm!
Overall he produces a wide selection of clothes, with the most improved award going to the children's section. Great quality items at not too bad prices. Wash well too - always a bonus

So after playing my pretend spend game with the Boden catalogue - I applied myself to properly checking the content for my clients. Just in case...

My favourite item and my top tip for S/S 2008 is this belt. At £29.00 you buy a bit of old fashioned Hermes in either tan or orange.


  1. Hey just to let you know there is a typo on the Nominee banner, come to MAHALOFASHION.COM to get a new one.


  2. It's a nice color, and I like the metal link.


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