Friday, 15 February 2008


Overrated and over here - yep the reality of showmanship over form is a dominante force of Gareth Pugh. Is he destined for great things - who knows? Can his work translate to commercial success? Is he really talented and 4EVA?

I know one thing, no designer can afford to gloss over a dreadful set of affairs that was and is Paul Gadd aka Gary Glitter. To end your show with 'Do you want to be in my Gang' suggests Mr Pugh is from another planet hence the homage to Star Wars that was his fashion offering; or he's sold his soul to the devil and can gloss over the fact the song played, is by a convicted child sex abuser currently serivng out his sentance.

I couldn't care less about his collection but I do care about fashion and whilst I don't expect it to be setting moral codes and values, there are some lines you don't go over.
Watch out for karma Gareth .....


  1. sometimes being creative means you lose your head to all around you. He probably didn't think and just thought it was good fun.
    It is silly not to think about these things when you are making your name.

  2. Well said if it true that he played Gary glitter then ugh double ugh not a good look at all - ever!


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