Monday, 18 February 2008

The regency of Regent Street

Well, isn't it just flagship storetastic these days on Regent Street! Having suffered the dismal shopping of Oxford Street last week I decided to embrace Oxford Circus and Regents Street as the choice du jour. Despite not being hip or well kown enough to be invited to H&M's opening night, I thought a peek would be good.

Client in tow - I mandhandled her from the delights of Topshop to Aramani Xchange, then H&M - which is a pleasure in deed. They have managed to banish the jumble sale look of all their other stores, creating an open and clean shopping space. You can officially breath in H&M Regent Street.

Peeks into Hoss, COS, Massimo and then Zara were all worth visit. Liberty was bypassed for lots of reasons but hey ho! Zara on Regent Street is the only option with both Oxford Steet stores undergoing refurbishment.

You forgo a lot of the high street stores you find all over the UK - which are well represented on Oxford Street - by choosing Regent. What you get instead is a fresh perspective, a change of direction and slightly away from the crowds - not for long!


  1. I was feeling serious London-loss pangs this morning, and now it's even worse!

  2. Ah no, really Regent Street is looking lovely and loved again.

  3. I feel like flying over right now! You made it all seem so appetizing.


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