Tuesday, 26 February 2008

What's in a name

When you get an Anya Hindmarch silver plain loose pocket which had been personalised with 'Kate's Handbag Fund' on it, courtesy of lovely hubbie - the next step is to identify which handbag you are going to buy.

My usual wishlist rears in my head - a Chanel 2.55, and something from YSL. I buy both bags in Paris. Then in New York I snaffle a Marc Jacobs, probably a Stam bag although I would remove the chain! Then off to Milan and a browse for a Bogetta Veneta number before returning to London to the lovely Mulberry shop nestled between Oxford Street and St Christopher's Place to for a black Elgin and probably a mustard Poppy.

Given that so far said pouch is yeilding only a tenner - my flights of fantasy are just that - fantasy. Then, I thought I must check out Ms Hindmarch's offerings, given I've collected a few of her items over the years. I've always refrained from buying a tote with a favourite photo on it, opting for a sublte make up bag instead - but I still have to fight the urge for bold tote.


Browsing the catalogue and the website I was struck by the well crafted bags and the beautiful chosen leather. The Osmond woven bag, above, is a gorgeous shoulder bag and looks a dream. But the name! Osmond! I'm sorry but I can't heart a bag called Osmond, nor Clint, nor Cooper to name but a few. In fact factoring out names, I was left with a Purdey, a Kennedy and a Cagney purse with no objection to a clutch named Spider. Seriously, when YSL have a bag called Downtown why would you opt for a Beverly or Bess?


  1. Most of us can't stand to be in the same country with those of that name. The bag, however, is another story. I could stand to be in the same room with that one.

  2. What a fun list and how great would it be to jet around to get them!


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