Friday, 15 February 2008

Technological improvement of sorts

I'm putting my luddite tendancies this year down to a) breadmaking - yes it is going well and b) allotment - not going so well still clearing and digging!

Thanks to the community that is fellow bloggers I have been shown the light in part - am now able to group items. This is progress. However small the image - I'm working on that!
A set of clothes to pack for Maine, Breton, Cornwall or Vancover - just add pair of jeans and heels.
Clockwise from bottom left white button sleeve t-shirt, lydia dress, Aegean shirt dress, kimono top, navy ribbed sweater, slouchy linen trousers, storm lantern (smugglers about!), tennis shoes, ticking scarf, heidi sandals. All Toast

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  1. A nice, well-rounded group of clothes that will serve all purposes and keep the luggage light and to a minimum.


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