Thursday, 28 February 2008

Style Epiphany

l to r Marc Jacobs, Prada, Derek Lam, Balenciaga, Givenchy

Ok it is far too early to be talking about A/W '08..after all in the UK we've got the summer to look forward to (fingers crossed) but oh my god am I having a style epiphany!
I thought I had it all planned and then yesterday I styled a client who was so adventurous at ..well she won't mind me saying 54 that I got sort of shaken up and out of my little zone. She was a joy to style and I find when someone goes with the flow the results are fab. What I hadn't expected was to get majorily inspired myself.

The result is I want to present a sharper, simpler perhaps more fierce look to the world. I scoured the shows and completely succombed to particular looks from Balenciaga, Givenchy, Derek Lam, Prada and Marc Jacobs - this is without me looking at Marni to mention but one, nor a peek at the viewings of Chanel and the remaining Paris shows!
The great fact is that COS on Regent Street will provide items that will allow me to make a shift now at high street prices. I've replanned the few items for the summer wardrobe and am keeping my fingers crossed my running will let me get my pins into the glorious steel grey Balenciaga trousers come next Autumn/Fall.


  1. This new style will be cool. I hope you'll share how you found the looks you wanted at the h.s. stores, and maybe you'll post a few photos?

  2. Ah - I'm going to tackle the first part right away and as for the second we'll see!!


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