Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Toast, less butter more jam

There was a time when I couldn't wait for the new Toast catalogue. How I would drool as if eating warm buttery toast. Now, I still enjoy the arrival but my toast needs jam added to get that hit. I always have loved the brand of Toast because it is quirky, has a bygone era feel and the quality was/is top notch for high end high street. The rational of letting your imagination dictate how you wear your clothes not your clothes wearing you is why I love Mr Jacobs and why I used to really love Toast. I fell out of love with them when the marketing and PR peeps couldn't even be bothered to tell me the opening day of the new shop in Bath - after I'd got them a piece in the local magazine. Manners costs nothing so for quite a few months I didn't use them for me or clients. I calculated it cost them about £3k in sales.

I'm over the slight now but it has impacted on my love affair - I see the imperfections! The styling and photography has lost its edge and the collection is less the original owners and more the spawning of French Connection - still I give you my toast of Toast....

Well I would if I could do this!! Honestly my adding images skills are rubbish, Mrs Fashion and StyleBubble have nothing to fear from me!

Kimono top - will look great with jeans and make one feel all grown up!

Aegean shirt dress - if you want to embrace hippy chick then add ticking scarf and heidi sandals, keep fingers crossed for invite to Barbados

Go to to view complete new collection and when I've figured out image stuff I'll do this properly - any tips!!??


  1. I like the kimono top.

    Susie_Bubble would know how to put the images together I bet.

  2. Know what you mean - still good but not that X factor they used to have

  3. Hey, I found this on LLG's site:

    Could that help?

  4. Enc - you are a dream! Fantastic xx


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