Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Boo hoo Noth enough

I can't tell you enough what a fab evening it was. London town, blue skies, nice breeze and a late start oh must be a premier. Kim Cattrall looked the most gorgeous, partly because she excudes womenhood. They all looked amazing but the evening was not an A list frenzy apart from the girls themselves, the only other mentionable is Patricia Fields who to my complete joy did turn up. But no Mr Big! I really wanted to see Chris Noth.
I failed miserably in sneaky photo taking - in fairness I would have looked a) a dork and b) had it confiscated!

Gok Wan was outside trying to get interviews (amongst others) and there was a general flash frenzy for anyone vaguely 'known'. I escaped with a forlorn walk, with my plus one friend, we did take a funny pic of me with a board before we entered but I can't get it from my phone to my computer currently!

Most of the other celebs were of no interest but Kelly Rowlands (ex-Destiny's Child)looked great and was lovely, she also had plus one friend who had to step aside for the photo calls.
Just compare Kelly with a couple of Brits on right Michelle Ryan, Jenny Faulkner.

Kelly's dress was stunning. A deeper bolder purple than reflected in the photo.
Oh and the film - well Sarah Jessica Parker and the cast pleaded for secrecy, mouths buttoned etc. It is so hard for me not to be a BIG mouth!!

I wore cream cotton Primark dress, Gap's Pierre Hardy black patent platforms, silver clutch from Blommingdales, Soho ( I bought it last September when they were filiming SATC) and a pale blue pashmina with silver studs from http://www.doushala.co.uk/ (worn as scarf thing not shawl!). I knew it would be cold inside the cinema with the air con and it was.......Hardly top drawer stuff but I did tube it! I wasn't gonna waste my Blahnik's on the Bakerloo


  1. Yes London couldn't have had nicer weather. Glad you had a nice time!

  2. What a shame no Chris Noth!

  3. Wow... can't believe you actually went.... I wasn't all that impressed with the outfits but the atmosphere must have been buzzing!

  4. Nice one, it sounds like fun!


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