Monday, 19 May 2008

The new Resort Cruises in!

Miami is becoming a venue de jour with the latest billing of a sub collection -Resort.
The great thing about the Resort collection shows at Miami is, it is the cementing of a third look for every Spring/Summer wardrobe. When you come to packing away your S/S clothes you can base what you keep on the new holy trilogy of :

Riveria Chic - the ubiquitous stripes, trousers and plimsolls look from Coco Chanel,

Out of Africa/Safari Chic - neutral shirt or trousers, crisp white shirt, safari jacket transformed into tux luxe in the evening as defined by YSL,

Miami Glamour - 30s, 50s and 70s flamboyance provide a great reference for swimsuits, poolside glamour and gratuitous clothes indulgence indeed! Release your inner Sophia and Margo.

Of the four collections currently available to view on Oscar de la Renta and Christian Dior offers a real spirit of the glamour of Miami. De la Renta combines colour with an art deco reference, using 1930's cutting with the new modern take on 1970's high octane pizzaze. A truly great commercial American offering.

The Dior collection is flamboyant and presents a fifties Latino look to great effect. The outfits conjour up a star like Gina Lollobrigida in the heyday of sultry leading women pitted against the American leading men such as Sinatra.

Chanel disappoints with an almost lack lustre performance more Miami vice than spice. Some lovely understated day wear for lunch or afternoon cocktails on South Beach but Lagerfled gives a more sombre 80s offering than the hedonistic vibe of Galliano.

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  1. I enjoy the resort collections so much more then the regular ones!! These are all great, make me want to walk around the french riviera!

  2. I love Oscar de la Renta
    he makes stunning clothes!

  3. Oscar de la Renta has produced amazing clothes for the Resort collection. Love some of the Dior to. Know what you mean about Chanel

  4. All the colors are fantastic. I love the full skirts.

  5. Great piece. I've had no internet since Sunday night! It's been horrible!!! I missed your blog! :-)


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