Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Fantasy suitcase packing

In my head, in my spare time I tend to do a lot of fantasy suitcase packing. I pride myself on being the queen of minimal holiday packing.

My current favourite suitcase packing heading is pieces that effortlessly work - they have to just do the talking and require no ironing. I'm mainly imagining myself enjoying a Caribbean break (it is so miserable in London at the moment).

I don't trust BA or American Airlines with my suitcase so I have a carry on for a week. I wear on the plane a Gap grey cashmere tshirt with Warehouse white kick flare jeans and a pair of blue Repetto ballet pumps on my feet. My pale blue pashmina with silver studs from dOushala completes my travel look, oh and my Tom Ford Raquel sunnies.

In my carry on holdall, I pack 2 bikinis, my White Company terry hooded robeand a pair of flip flops. I'm loathed to do any ironing but think a white button shirt is de rigeur and think the humidity will act as a steamer. 2 x American Apparel tanks in white and silver with a cut down denim mini (it was a longer Gap denim skirt but cutting it shorter looked heaps better) plus a black Zara cardigan.

I'll take a pair of strappy high heel evening sandals and splash the cash on one of these two dresses:-

right - Purple/Pink Oriental Silk tunic dress from LK Bennet price £199

left - Emilio Pucci Orchidea print jersey dress from Net-A-Porter price £590

Which would you choose?


  1. I'd definitely go for the Pucci-it's gorgeous!! Nice packing attire-I say yay for the denim skirt and vests too!!

  2. I think I prefer the LK Bennet one personally.
    Although the repetto ballet pumps will go better with the pucci dress! (great pumps BTW)
    Great post (as always)

  3. The Pucci, definitely.
    P.S. I also do a lot of fantasy packing - usually right before I fall asleep. I once got through a particularly harrowing hospital stay by focussing exactly what jewelry went with each travel outfit.

  4. I always like the more expensive option
    The Pucci is my fave!

  5. Get both it is a fantasy pack after all!

  6. I'm going to stow away in that carry-on.

    BTW: I didn't win the lottery. Did you?

  7. I like the blue better, it would look stylish for longer. The pink one would look dated more quickly.

  8. Go for the Pucci, it's strong and sexy!


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