Wednesday, 14 May 2008


After a little flurry of giddyness, it is back to the reality of hard work and being focused.

Today I popped in to the wonderful bra fitting area of Selfridges to have my 6 monthly bra fitting. Now I can measure and fit, but I always like to have a second opinion. The team at Selfridges are very good and very helpful. It is often the best stocked, with nice and airy changing rooms to be fitted in. Since my little boy (who is now 2 and a half) my rib cage has slowly but surely gone back in to place and today was the day to acknowledge that return! Finally I can buy some nice numbers instead of my make do ones from John Lewis.

Nothing wrong with John Lewis lingerie department- it's just I wasn't prepared to buy above a certain price whilst my body was still changing. John Lewis is the best place for maternity, non wire, reasonable priced bras and generally useful for all manner of bust things.

Undergarments are very important to make your clothes look nice and fit well. They can also make you feel a million dollars in a t-shirt and jeans. Which is why I'm obsessed with being properly fitted. After road testing everywhere (including Rigby & Peller) I place Selfridges first, John Lewis and R&P joint second. It does depend on the person fitting so consistency is my benchmark. The team at Selfridges are the most consistent.

So it was with complete joy I discovered the Fantasie Helena Balconette bra - it truly is a divine number. A best seller to boot for those in the know. In fact Selfridges only had one in my size as someone had stocked up on this style*. The Fantasie range also gets my top vote even over the fav USA Victoria Secrets store.

Two bras later I was hooked - literally. I can not tell you what a fantastic feeling my new adornments have given me. With some top tips from the girls in Selfridges I bought the required missing bras from Figleaves and indulged in one other purple number, see photo above (plus matching briefs as not many purple ones around!) by Sexy Panties and Naughty Knickers. I don't make these names up! My staples are black, white and nude but I always like to have one bright colourful number.

Having a decent under carriage is an investment and well worth it. I'd forgo all other manner of items just to be enveloped in the most perfect bra. Sadly, I did stand at the counter practically fondling my own 'bangers' ( a la Gok Wan) because it felt so damn good!

*Not too pricey either at £24.00


  1. Good lingerie is so important! What's the point of cheapening beautiful clothes with ill-fitting smalls that leave lumps and bumps everywhere? One might as well just buy shabby clothes to begin with.

    I daren't set foot in the Selfridges dept. I already have enough perilous places to get my silk-n-lace fix without subjecting my bank balance to the temptations of Selfridges. Literally, I don't go anywhere near it.

  2. This reminds me to get fitted again! Though I think I am no bigger.
    Love the purple bra!

  3. I love that purple bra. I wish I could get one here. I need new ones.

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