Friday, 30 May 2008

Over gladiators

There is a lovely piece by Observationmode on gladiator sandals. Upon which my comment was basically done them, over them and am resurrecting my Jack Rogers Navajo gold sandals. They are a bit tatty but a buff polish will sort that out.

You can only get them in the USA, I think someone briefly stocked them in London a few years ago.

I wasn't being mean about gladiators as for years, in fact every year I've worn a pair but when my beloved ones of the last few years wore out I decided not to replace them with any of this years choice. I don't think you can survive a summer without flats so check out Observationmode for a comprehensive choice of both flats and heels.

Jack Rogers Navajo sandals image


  1. Know what you mean. I'm getting a high heeled pair to dress up my sumer wardrobe. Sometimes a trend kills itself.

  2. Love these sandals kate! have a good weekend!!

  3. Well, this was very nice. Thanks for the great mention! :D

    I love those sandals. There's a new crop out every year. They're very popular.

  4. Do you need another pair? I can get you some and ship them to you.


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