Wednesday, 7 May 2008

A little tipple at lunch

Today I discoverd Primark. Obviously I'd known about the P and I had on a few occasions stumbled in but today I found it!

I'd never thought it was for me and hadn't factored it in as a place to shop. The only reason I went was because my bank didn't have anyone to see me at lunchtime! I did accuse them of being last century. When I huffed out, I thought what am I going to do for an hour...oh look there's a Primark.

An hour later and a great rummage I had two lovely new dresses and a top for under £30. Now I know why people like Primark. I like their brown paper bags too. I was going to put dresses on and appear out of the bag in an ironic Marc Jacobs way, but it is progress in deed that I've photographed and loaded up piccies anyway!

Blue top with bow detail round collar

B&W print dress , Ivory shiny dress

It did feel very nice being indulgent.....


  1. I was anti Primark when everyone was mad for it. Now its becoming a bit old hat I'm all for it. Sometimes it has great stock, other times it is the pits.

  2. Primark is all I can afford at the moment with my budget. Oh and Peacocks! My own fault for spending too much elsewhere.

  3. Primark has been my only indulgence all year. I did give Peacocks a go too but can't recommend it. It is through neccessity as well!

  4. Those are great, and I love the photos! :D

  5. I'm trying to go to london on my way to australia in september I'm hoping to check out all your great shops, I love your buys!

  6. Which branch did you go to out of interest? I've never been to Primark either, except just to see what it was like when it opened in Oxford Street. Saw one nice jacket and even that wasn't *that* nice. I think like you, I might have another peek now all the hype has died down and the fast fashion backlash has begun. (Oh, I'm such a rebel.)

  7. I was in Kingston branch but have found out from Primark officiandos that it does depend on day stock comes in - worth finding out restock days on Oxford Street. I've not ventured up there yet too far past Selfridges!


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