Thursday, 22 May 2008

Clothes tossing

I spotted this great idea on Delicious Industries's blog the other day. Inspired by a piece on Camera Tossing I decided to do clothes tossing.

The object is to get lots of items together then throw them in the air and see how they land. Had I had a helping hand I would have taken photos of this experiment. Instead I can only offer these two pics of a couple of combinations that landed together.
You can take this one step further and blind fold yourself and pick out random items and then put them on - see what sort of look it makes. Honestly hours of pointless fun.
I'm sure someone clever with their camera can do a much better job than me - a challenge!


  1. This might be a fun thing to try.

    I like these images!

  2. I like this idea
    it would deffo make me think of new ways to wear things!

  3. I love it - much more fun than camera tossing and best of all you don't have to catch anything! My cat thinks I am slightly mad though :) Jx

  4. Brilliant! I'm not much use with a camera but today I broke out of jeans and t-shirt thanks to clothes tossing.

  5. It is great game -what a way to mix your wardrobe up!


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