Friday, 30 May 2008

Grown up fash pash.

I've realised that I need to adopt a more grown up look. I'm not quite ready to consign myself to Anna Wintour's ubiquitous chic - nor will I don a fur!

Which reminds me, now quite a few of you will have seen SATC:the movie, and as there are images galore, I feel ok to comment on the only bit I winced at was the display of fur.

I've never been comfortable with it but harbour no desire to throw paint. I'm not against fur per se but the indulgence of it. Perhaps I was heavily influenced by Dodie Smith's 101 Dalmations as a child! My bf who moved to NY had to phone me to confess her fur coat purchase on the basis of need 'it gets so cold' she moaned.

That aside, it was Carrie in her long Argyle socks that made me think. You see I happily don my long Prinlge ones and jaunt about with them over my knees with flats or heels. In fact I strolled in to Gucci on 5th, four years ago on a cold November day in said pair.
But Grazia magazine sort of dissed the look and in some respects rightly so when seen on a grown woman. Plus, now they've made such a public viewing I might look like a copy cat.

I decided to ignore Mr de la Renta's fall items with fur and selected a grown up day look and an evening one for me to aspire sadly from now on I'll be wearing my socks under my jeans on a cold day.


My rash of blogs today (see 2 more below) are due to visiting friends for the weekend so tomorrow I'll be donning a pinnie with my pearls and whipping up a cup cake or two before preparing a hearty supper of spaghetti bolognese and salad. Then on Sunday I'll be wearing an eye mask to stop the light from coming in if I've overdone it on the chianti.
Look forward to catching up on all your blogs next week xxxx.


  1. The evening shirt and trousers are completely gorgeous. I don't like fur either. I would protest about it because the animals are bred for it and live in tiny cages. Mind you there is implications for leather and wool. But fur is the cruelest.

  2. You are a cracking comedy writer!
    I do like the socks look it is kooky and fun.

  3. i'm also torn about fur, but i feel as though if it's vintage, then it's fine.

  4. Ah, the old reliable favorite, spagbol.

    I love these looks but I'm with you on the fur. It's not for me.

  5. Great post. I know it's wrong but I do love a bit of fur. That said I won't buy it anymore cos I know it's cruel but I do feel the cold badly so will continue to wear my vintage fur hat and (now rather past its best) fur scarf in extreme weather.

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