Friday, 16 May 2008

Purple Haze

Having recently enjoyed the splendour of a purple dress a la Kelly Rowlands at SATC premier. I was bowled over to see yet another splendind showing of this colour on Natalie Portman at Cannes. I'm not sold on the dress itself - the top half is a bit frou frou for me and it's summer why the black belt and shoes.

Purple is a jewel of a colour and it was a nearly ran last A/W but got eclipsed by all hues of grey.

I'm holding out for a purple reign this A/W when it will rightly sit majestically with black


  1. That's a great dress, I love purple too. (I've just discovered how great it looks with grey,in my opinion anyway)

  2. Yes the purple dress would have been stunning teemed with grey/silver or cobalt blue.

  3. Natalie does look stunning, that colour really looks perfect on her.
    Charlize was in this purple earlier in the week too!

  4. That shade of purple on Miss Portman is magical

  5. I love purple - it was a very common color last winter..

  6. ah such a gorgeous purple colour!!!


  7. The color is gorge, the rest of it notwithstanding. Natalie Portman improves everything she puts on. Except those Star Wars costumes.

    They were beyond all hope and help, even that of ObiWan.


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