Thursday, 22 May 2008

Nighty Night

Ok in some respects this isn't really blog sharing information but I injected a change into a certain part of my wardrobe with great results!

Now, I am no real fan of Boden but it does suit some people's lifestyle and clothing needs. I am nothing if not open as a stylist and have a HUGE capacity to deliver a broad spectrum of looks etc. (Do you like my corporate spiel.) Boden has some good basic/useful items and their childrens clothes are fantastic. I find Johnnie Boden a bit of a jolly hockey sticks and after receiving some pointless Boden fridge magnets stuck the words Johnnie Boden on a George Bush fridge magnet that I bought in DC (an ironic gesture - it is very cheesy).

Then the Boden PR person annoyed me when I requested some samples for a style forum. The response was very snotty. Sorry, but really Boden you are not Chanel! Compared to the lovely helpful PRs at Kew, M&S, Jigsaw and LK Bennett.

However, I suddenly found myself completely fed up of my night wear which consisted of nothing, unless you count some old vest and pants as boudoir attire - no methinks not. And yet the idea of satin or something silky from Agent Provocateur seemed a bit pointless and a waste of money. I needed some va va vroo but given I'm more likely to make a quick cup of tea, or jump in to the shower and get young child up all before 7am, function over form was the criteria.

Then old Johnnie boy sent a new catalouge with some dreadful copy intended to make one smile with wry amusement over cappuccino and croissant on a morn. Yet I was taken with a print used for a bikini, sourced in France it was pretty and louche at the sametime. I then investigated some more prints and found a fresh blue floral one masquerading as a nightie. Bingo! I was smitten and suddenly had visions of me actually supping cappuccino and picking at croissant whilst sat outside on a sunny morn with nothing but said nightie and a pashmina draped over shoulders.

My new found love affair with a nightie went down rather well with Mr Make Do & Mend. Which proves that Jerry Hall was a bit off the mark with her ' a woman needs to be a cook in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom'. On balance keep the larder stocked with beer and be girly when necessary.

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  1. I really like that nightie. I've been wanting a new one or two, so maybe in July . . . .


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