Thursday, 15 May 2008

M&S ups and downs

Don't laugh but somehow today, I manage to lose some beige tummy and waist clincher magic knickers which I so need to wear under my Max Mara dress for my style talk on Saturday. The reason I've miss place them, is the lovely lady who served me in M&S informed me that people are allowed to return knickers! This conversation stunner cropped up because I remarked on the fact there was no hygiene sticker on said (now lost) £28 worth of knicker upholstery.

I'm horrified that M&S do accept returned underwear and think this should stop immediately. Equally, I'm quite upset about my loss due to the cost. I'm hoping they find them in the store ......rather than they've dropped out of my bag somewhere!

On the up side I found a gem of a dress in there today. A gorgeous little black capped sleeve shift number for a mere £35.00


  1. oooh yes that's lovely, v me! M&S is so great.
    I love their coats they have with bows at the moment too.
    Poor you about your knickers!!!!
    (Knowing people wear items before returning them, it is DISGUSTING that people can return undies. M&S should be ashamed!)

  2. Eeeuw! Grossarella! I am never buying my smalls from M&S again. And also, who returns knickers that they've worn??? Yuck!

  3. Gross and thank you for alerting us!

  4. Cute dress, and I'll never shop the M&S undies department. Ever.


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