Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Watching Mrs John F. Kennedy

Whilst I should be really researching and writing one of my two essays, I find myself being a voyeur of Jackie Bouvier/Kennedy/Onassis instead.
I'm seemingly turning my back on modern icons and looking rose tintedly back to the past as I study Classical Hollywood.
On YouTube there are some great fashion news items but my current faves are the White House tours series by CBS.


  1. Hi there-who cannot fail to be inspired by the lovely Jackie!!

  2. I think for me, it was her style after she left the White House that really grabbed my attention (probably because she had a better budget and no longer had to play the dutiful political wife). I owe my addiction to dark glasses and David Webb statement jewelry to her!

    The Luxe Chronicles

  3. I've never seen that image before. She looks amazing there.

  4. I'm sure that sliding backward in time is a natural icon-study occurrence. Mrs. Onassis was a wonderful style icon, and I'd love to hear your impressions of her look/life/etc.

  5. Ah if only she was a film star I'd write an essay on her! It's also true her later style was amazing ( I too owe my sunglass obsession to her amongst others) but equally fashion changed and she was realised from the contricts of duty.

  6. Oh yes, I've been meaning to watch these clips on You Tube. Nice one. xx

  7. Well, I must check those Youtube clips!!!
    She's such an inspiration indeed.



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