Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Nail biting stuff

I dunno 'bout you but I'm on the edge of my seat with today's monumental Presidential vote in the USA.

I'm doing anything to distract myself from thoughts which veer from gloom to hope. My view of gloom is McCain and hope is of course Obama. I will spare you all a rant but the historical value of an Obama victory is overwhelming (spare a thought for Hillary today as she too could have been the same force for change).

Instead I give you Kate Winslet's bottom which couldn't be further from the events of today.

I quite like the Catherine Deneuve Belle de Jour tribute not least because I hope to write about the film and Yves San Laurent as the costumier. But it is interesting that a seminal French Film is chosen to portray a Hollywood star. I think the hair styling isn't quite perfect but what do you think?

images: Vanity Fair & The Daily Telegraph


  1. She does look lovely in the shoot. I'm normally rather 'blah' about Kate.

  2. Hello's
    You know, I was just talking about how interesting it is that a French film has been used as a source of inspiration.You must of read my mind, haha.

    Peace and Ruffles...
    Prettyneons X

    Ps; I just love your words in regards to my little 'vintage rant'. Very true indeed.

  3. Oh, I'm on the edge of seat too!

    And these pics of Ms. Winslet are terrific. She is a striking woman. And I like how she has real dimensions!

  4. My nails are nubbins already - hope we have a clear picture before bedtime. Or there won't be a bedtime.

  5. I am not a huge fan of her style, but i got to say, she is really great on that cover :)

    a kiss!!!

  6. kate certainly looks very foxy in this picture!!

  7. I cannot quit watching the news. I cannot distract myself. That said, I think her hair looks a little too beauty pageant. Catherine's did not have that quality. But( not homonymic pun intended), Kate does look great.

  8. Not having seen the film—only stills—I won't comment on the hair, but I do like the general look. Except the hiney. I'm not sure why I need to see that. At any rate, Kate's hiney is a pretty strong election distraction.

  9. I think there's an interest in this election as never seen in so many coutries.

    Hmmm, well Catherine's not gorgeous not bad...


  10. she doesn't even look like her!!! i was biting my nails too... it's been Obama, let's see whether he can live up to all the hope he's inspired!!!

  11. I was basically telling everyone I'd be too drunk to come to work if McCain happens to win.. hard liquor was my plan and drink lots of it... thank god for Obama. I just hope he does what he said he would.


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