Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Whose spending less?

Is it just me? I started to question my consumerism way back a couple of years ago but it wasn't until I really became a student again that I've reigned my spending right in due to nothing to spend.

The reason I'm asking the question because tomorrow H&M will do record trading on their Comme De Garcons collaboration and I've yet to see evidence of people not shopping.
Firstly friends excitedly tell me about going to Westfield to do their Christmas shopping - it's the joy of not having to carry bags back on the tube or overground train apparently. Then I'm still doing personal shopping sessions and my clients are spending £1k plus in 4 hours! Unfortunately not on me.....

But bookings for personal styling are down but that's partly due to my studies and lack of availability. Commercial shoots are on the wane due to my availability, I'm in no position to undertake them due to my studies.
Everyday I see hordes of people on Oxford Street buying and carrying their goods.
If M&S and others are reporting downturns, doesn't this say more about what the customer wants?


  1. Hi there-when I was in London with Christopher in half term, it was packed. Mind you, I don't know if people were window shopping or actually buying, I think both. I just love to browse and get inspiration really whilst I'm up there and get accessories that I can't get locally.

  2. Funny you should post on this today. I was in Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Zara yesterday. Not only was the foot traffic very good for a week day afternoon but people were definitely shopping. In Zara there were shoppers queuing for the tills. It's not what I expected but it was a reassuring sign nonetheless.

    The Luxe Chronicles

  3. It's an interesting question. Remember the green croc Chanel bag from the other day? I don't think for a minute that people are not buying. I don't know how long it can go on, though.

  4. I am getting bombarded with coupons from my favorite e-tailers for 20-30% off. I had resisted as I was buying the hype on the news. Now, that I feel safe that the crisis is not affecting me I will be buying a few things thanks to the discount codes and coupons.

  5. this is definitely not being reflected in the cities - 34th Street in midtown Manhattan has been packed all week, midday, morning, evenings, all full of people shopping. I wonder what's going on in smaller cities and towns?

  6. girl lovely blog.i think people with mad money are still spending as the credit crunch has not affected them at all.
    muah xx

  7. I'm seeing promotions in many stores in same pieces. I think it's a signal that they're trying to attract consumers.
    Well Xmas is almost here and people would tend to spend more, but I think many people will cut in some things. I will.


  8. I don't know, can't say I've noticed much of a change. I've been far more restrained than usual, and now I've got a head cold I'm thinking of giving H&M a miss tomorrow morning. I just don't have that extra cash right now for a polka-dot cardigan (lovely as they are...). x

  9. I don't know that I've noticed a change in the levels of people in stores. (Mind you, we are moving towards holidays.) I will say that my own attitude about spending has changed - though maybe not the amount I spend overall..

  10. I'm spending less, definitely. I understand still that luxury goods are selling like hotcakes!

  11. I've seen a big slowdown in shopping here in NYC. Soon we'll all be on the street :-(

  12. I've been getting tons of offers in my email....30% off everything, etc. Today, after swearing off internet shopping, I fell for a 20% offer at

    Shit! I've been remorseful all night about this.

  13. Delicious Industries13 November 2008 at 11:38

    I think at this stage in a credit -crunch and all the talk of recession that most people do still spend, just on different things than maybe they normally would - they become a bit more savvy.

  14. We had to catch a bus to get from Paddington (where we stay in the Hilton) to China town (where we stuff ourselves with barbecued pork and vermicilli) I looked out the window as we drove along Oxford street, and saw the throngs in each of the global chain stores, the nightclub like crush of bodies on the street, which will quadruple as we get closer to christmas.

    This time I did notice something. 3 of my usual thrift stores were terrible. No goodies. Maybe because the owners are selling the stuff on ebay.
    Oxfam didnt fail us. (in fact they paid for the trip with "savings")


  15. I think maybe people are shopping more but spending less. But who knows...


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