Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Well it's my own fault...

I suppose the mere whiff of the word slow fashion tends to take some souls along a certain track so it is no wonder I've been bombarded with all manner of emails regarding items to be considered. Now far be it for me to be dismissive I do think the fact something isn't high fashion or fashion of the moment, doesn't mean it is good or stylish or that it is to every ones taste and more importantly as writer of this blog - my taste.

When I received an email and question from Radici - whether I thought their handmade snow scarf would make the grade i.e. is it worthy slow fashion item, I thought no! It doesn't make my personal choice grade. Not least because of the design. Let's be clear it is the design, the cut and the use of cloth that gives an item a certain cache to have design value. But of course I couldn't resist a snoop and thought actually the website has some interesting items that will appeal to some. The scarf comes in white, grey black and a almost YSL use of colour for the red/pink/orange number - at £140 it is hardly a make do item or Etsy prices but if you shop at Per Una then I suggest you go back to basics, wear white tee and jeans and add drama with a scarf like this instead.


  1. Hi there-it sure is a statement piece, but like you say, a cheaper alternative would work just as well.

  2. Nice. yep not so affordable - specially against AUD. :)
    Nicely structured tho.

  3. When I first glanced at the pic I thought it was something to do with Poppy day!

  4. Love the Sunset Rose Scarf!!
    I want one!!!

  5. It is rather gorgeous. And, it would look great with the very simple ensemble you suggested. I would take one if it was half of the price.

  6. I really like the look of that red scarf. Just like a Poppy, as mentioned above.


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