Friday, 28 November 2008

Dress a blogger for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Happy Holiday

Call me a crowd pleaser but when Sister Wolf pleaded to be next who was I to deny!

Still sticking with the £200 budget and retaining the high street as the main source I have branched out a bit to incorporate Portobello Market via it's handy website Pret A Portbello so I thought why not go the whole hog and included ASOS too as I know Sister Wolf likes an internet flutter.

Equally I know that one outfit might not suffice so depending on mood Sister Wolf has two outfits to choose from with accompanying accessories for her gadding about!
Outfit 1

Outfit 2

Teem either outfit with the shoes, necklace, cuff and earrings - et voila!

ASOS V-Neck Cut top £22
ASOS high shine leggings £18
ASOS peep toe slingback shoes £28
Belle de Jour cuff £29 Pret-a-Portobello
Anya black faceted necklace £25 Pret-a-Portobello
Orian peacock dress £65 Pret-a- Portobello
Earrings £12 Pret-a-Portobello


  1. i heart the first outfit and all the accessories.

  2. Hi there-ooh, I'm liking these both very much, both are my sort of style indeed! have a lovely weekend! When its my turn, can I have a £200 budget too please? I'm fed up with a £5 thrift budget,LOL!

  3. That first outfit seems SOOOOOO SW to me - I can picture her shaking both fists and ass in that outfit!

  4. Delicious Industries28 November 2008 at 10:23

    Love the peacock dress!

  5. I love the Orion dress so much. I was ogling it earlier is some rag mag or other and here it is again. Might have to buy it.

  6. Sister Wolf definitely has the legs for both these looks—I've seen them!

    Great choices, Kate.

  7. Well, I don't know SW but indeed #1 is sooooo cool.
    And I love all those accessories.


  8. im fan of Asos, i have a post about this on my blog!!

  9. What a deal.. maybe I should beg for one of these posts for me.. too.

  10. Oooh, these badass looks are so Sister!!

  11. Love this idea! Outfit 1 rocks!!


  12. Fantastic, I think one could do a mix & match and wear outfit #2 with outfit #1's leggings, so don't choose purchase them all!

  13. Yes, she'd look great in those leggings!

  14. Yeah I would go with the purple with the black leggings on SW too.
    Fantastic work. She will love the accessories too

  15. I feel so loved, I just want to kill myself! Thank you so much! xoxoxo! and thank you anybody who thinks I should be allowed to wear shiny leggings at my advanced age!

    Now I need to see if ASOS ships to the US.


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