Thursday, 20 November 2008

All work and no play....

I've have a raft of posts to post on fashion and things but my MA is taking over my life and I seem to be moving away from being a stylist towards being a film director - seriously I kid you not! In my head I'm being drawn more and more to the film industry even though I should know better.
I'm not losing my love for fashion for one minute but I'm embracing new ideas and opportunities. I undertook this MA to enhance my existing work as a stylist given that petit garcon had curtailed my availability. In the fashion world you need to be there 24/7 for schmoozing and the rest!

Now I'm more drawn to academia and films this has taken me by surprise but equally not as I'm an imaginative and creative character. To date I've always been practical and done my bit for the family, put food on table first etc not indulged. My lovely papa spent all his years as a teacher looking after his family too rather than being the artist he is now.

It is interesting that duty/obligation will be a beacon for some creatives rather than the drink/drugs genius indulgent behaviour of other creative people. And yet the flawed genius is valued or prefered more than the steady sober one.

I'm definitely the hard working creative and so now I'm gently marrying the responsible side with the creative side to create a freedom to aim high. I'm truly gifted and talented with ideas and stories I know this as on Sunday (my birthday) I went to my nephews (twins) christening and the Anglican priest gave a sermon on how it was wasteful not to use the talent God had given you. Not to mention I looked good in my Jean Patou coat and drank lots of champagne afterwards.
I took the view that if you don't become your own cheerleader no one else will and there's no point being coy about what you can do.


  1. Good luck on the film directing thing - it's a tough, tough gig (and I live with one so I know what I'm saying), but maybe one of the most rewarding creative jobs there is.

  2. hmmm it sounded like you were talking to me actually.

    Have to do what you love, right? I'm trying to slowly move away from my day job (which pays me a lot)to a gig that will give me virtually no money at all. Will have to see if that is really the case.
    Good luck. I know your sort and I bet you. you will kick ass.

  3. "should know better" - why?
    both are fun creative difficult unpredictable jobs. it's not like you've got to choose between dentistry and design.
    have fun and see where things take you and where you want to be... decisions never happen when you're pushing for one!

  4. I hope you'll make the switch, Kate. Your soul is crying out for it, and you can do it the sensible way, because you're a sensible girl.

    I'm happy for you. You sound like you've got a new lease on life.

  5. Hi there-Woo-hoo to you my dear, a fabulous post and too right to blow your own trumpet! So pleased you're fired up with motivation and look forward to your forthcoming posts!!

  6. Just to clarify a) I'm not Sarah Palin using 'God' as an instruement to justify the end. I just happened to be at a christening and happened to hear what the priest said and it confirmed my thoughts and gave them a clear structure. B) I'm still styling after all it is what is paying for my MA but I need to develop my written and visual skills further and I hope to teach at uni and fund film projects somehow going forward. My first film will be part of my MA in Fashion and Film so watch this space....

  7. hi!

    thanks for passing by Kirafashion!!

    a kiss :)

  8. You're damn right - cheerlead away, lady! And if that path is calling to you, there's no reason NOT to take it. Especially with the healthy, responsible attitude you've got.

  9. It's good to follow your dreams, and it's even better to be really passionate about it, because it's fucking hard.

  10. Go, lady go! You're fab and you'll do anything you set your mind to. So I'm just going to sit here shaking my virtual pompoms at you.

  11. Wow, such true and sensible words. Why SHOULDN'T it happen? It won't be easy but what is? How exciting!!

  12. the fashion assistant22 November 2008 at 22:50

    OMG this sounds soooo exciting, I'm happy you've found your other interest!!!! You go GIRL!!!!

    p.s I wanna be a short-film (15min)director or DOP!!!!

  13. the fashion assistant22 November 2008 at 22:51

    Actually I prefer a DOP.....

  14. the fashion assistant25 November 2008 at 09:56

    you better make me a DOP!!! LOL


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