Friday, 21 November 2008

All the evidence suggests...

If you can hang on and save your pennies then there will be a good selection of items for sale very soon. I'm not a fan of sales - typically lots of stuff that no one wanted but this season is different. Retailers over stocked with stock and autumn trading in the UK was poor.

Mark downs usually reserved from December 24th onwards should take place around the second week of December to boost Christmas trading and clear the rails.
PS don't forget to check out my Lynku ad for latest sale information - I always forget I've got it there!


  1. how can you not be a fan of sales?!!? everyone loves sales surely?

    debenhams current 25% off is genius, i've done pretty much all the shopping i want for the oldies and got some nice basics for my house too! woot!

  2. I always find stuff I love at sales, I think probably because those pieces nobody wanted are exactly the ones I like. Obviously I'm a dyed in the wool contrarian!

    I hope we have some pre-christmas sales here in Australia too - the shops are absolutely chockers with stuff, and sales are waaaay down, so maybe we'll get some retail joy too.

  3. I hope I could say the same thing as skye. I don't have much luck with the end of year sales. I don't even have any money saved for this year. argh.

  4. Like Songy I also don't have much luck with the sales of the end of season. And here they also don't do those Christmas sales :(
    Now that we have 3 stores of big chains (Mango, Vero Moda and Tally Weijl) maybe those would do something, some promotions....
    Do you know if there's some sales on-line?


  5. I hope you're right about the sales, I'd really like to save some dough.


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