Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Bloggers going up and being first...

Well, I'm not so sure there is such a thing as ever being first with views, creatives and so on but certainly one can be part of a forward movement. There is no doubt that bloggers are a van guard of new issues relating to fashion and top tips (in the fashion blogging sphere - I can't comment on other areas of interest).

When I sat down on Sunday to my favourite half hour of the day, the moment when I get to read Style magazine - don't worry I've fed the family, done the dishes and wiped petit garcon's face clean (just in case the Daily Mail lot read this blog) - imagine my joy to find not one but two of my little blog bits in their Going Up/Going Down on page 5 of the magazine. Go on indulge me!

KNOTTED SHIRTS A new lease of life for all your old shirts. It's this season's rolled sleeves - I draw attention to my piece http://makedostyle.blogspot.com/2009/02/performance.html - pictures of my knotted shirt number for self styled photo shoot in February this, plus I mentioned this in a previous post but even I can't reread all my posts to find where (note to self, label better)!

MAC FACE AND BODY FOUNDATION Legs like uncooked turkey drumsticks. This is your genie in the bottle - My piece - http://makedostyle.blogspot.com/2009/06/short-shrift.html where I say get Mac Face and Body Foundation to put on your legs!

Anyway the validation for blogging is hardly something that needs to be justified anymore but at least you know your getting some of it here first!

Kate knows good knotted shirts


  1. I still love that picture of you! And now I know i'm getting all the top tips here first i'm going to cancel my Vogue suscription and spend the money on body make-up instead!!

  2. Steady on! Although I'm certainly less cash than their more dash than cash. I need to have a 'no cash revamp required' post!
    Body make up is th echeats guide to looking good especially if you want to remain wagless ie no hint of a false tan!

  3. Congrats, lady! That's WONDERFUL news!

  4. Hi there-you go girl, thats fabulous, lets hope you gain a lot more new readers from it too!

  5. Opps I hope you don't think that Style magazine mentioned me! I'm only alerting to the fact I got there first.

  6. Kate, you've always been ahead of the curve!

    What do you predict will be the next trend?

  7. Hello fashion-forward Kate! I do love a bit of Mac Body make-up on the old pins - when I feel like making an effort, of course. xx

  8. Well next season its all about the thigh length boot but I expect black will be back BIG style and also the cardi worn over the shoulder - don't aske me where I got the latter from but I'd bet money on the cardi!

  9. Fabulous trendspotting! I love that skirt too!


  10. Fantastic post, and photo!


  11. WOW how great!!!!!
    You look amazing on those pictures and I remember those shorts with lovely prints.
    I think you're right, and agree with you, fashion blogger are becoming an important group, and some people are aweare of that.

    Nicely done!!!


  12. Great tips - thanks, you definitely have style with brains! I used some make do style last week too when I created my own hat - http://shopcurious.blogspot.com/2009/06/handmade-accessories-with-attitude.html

  13. Great! That's good for you. Looking forward on your next post.=D

    Travel and Living

  14. You heard it here first!

    (I actually thought of you about the knotted shirt a few days ago, it was in a shop window - with a floral skirt - I think it was mango)

    Hmmm... cardi over the shoulder eh? I'll be looking....:-)

  15. Everybodysaysdon't - plus big ribbons as belts! I'm sute that'll be another mini trend xx

  16. Yay for you! Thank god I already have my high high boots. Do I actually have to wear them though?


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