Thursday, 11 June 2009

Old habits die hard

One thing I've noticed when I go and do a wardrobe workout/detox/sort out for a client is how there is always a repeat pattern. By this I mean one item that gets repeated several times. Whether it be many black trousers, white shirts or little black dresses or in my case umpteen stripy t-shirts, repeat buys are a major problem.

The other issue is too much stuff. I think most people have managed to work out that they wear a small proportion of their wardrobe all of the time. This only happens if you have too much. Now I used to be a major hoarded of my clothes and have heaps of them but lots of moves (including a stint in Greece) and a boyfriend who cut my clothes up and put the rest out for the bin men (yeah I know the worst thing is my mum knew before me as I was oblivious to the whole event as was hung over with my girlfriends in Aberystwyth, mile away from my cosmopolitan city flat.) put an end to it all.

True, I do miss some of my items and wish I could reclaim them but on the whole I just make do as much as possible and that means using my clothes as much as possible. I prefer to give them a good free range life as opposed to a battery hen existence in drawers and wardrobes. I have one drawer, admittedly with too many stripy tees, and one wardrobe with all my clothes in. I no longer put things away for summer or winter as so many items trapeze the seasons.

I'm also looking forward to having a fellow stylist come round and check my wardrobe out, I like to think I'll be cool with this! I do feel I need another perspective as it can inject fresh opportunities for ones own style.

Last year I started a writing a book that attracted an agent and since ...well who knows it could be sat in the agent's bin or at the bottom of the pile at a publishing house but hey these things happen over the next few weeks I'm going to give you some highlights of Girlynomics © - it is copyrighted!

However, tomorrow we'll start with an interview with a fellow blogger on a very topical item! 'Fraid I don't have a trailer to run...


  1. Brilliant Kate! And you know how psychoanalysts always have to have their own psychoanalysts. - so wardrobe analysts have to have...

    I think I will do a rigorous clean out now too - prior to painting the attic, I do miss some things some times, but I figure we will be reunited in heaven.

  2. congrats on agent - LOvE THE TITLE!!

  3. It is a shame nothing happened with Girlynomics, I think it's still very relevant!

    I took your tips a few weeks ago and went through every item of my wardrobe and threw out (well donated) about 3/4 of all my clothes. It feels great and very liberating, plus there's loads of room to fill with new clothes!

  4. Oooh, you're making me feel guilty about my overstuffed wardrobe. But I use it all, I swear ... just over a veeeery long period of time. ;)

    Can't wait to get some highlights of Girlynomics!

  5. I have an overstuffed wardrobe too (two of them!), I want to get rid of half of it in the next few weeks- my sister is going to help me...I can´t do it alone!

  6. I so can not wait for the extracts from the book!
    Did you stab the bastard?

  7. "I think most people have managed to work out that they wear a small proportion of their wardrobe all of the time. This only happens if you have too much." -- I don't think this applies to everyone. I have many things that I only wear on special occasions or are too fragile to wear all the time. That doesn't mean I'd give them up!

  8. Ah Wendy you are v savvy and do wear them! I too have a few fragile things I wouldn't dream of wearing every day but lots of peeps 'save' perfectly fab things for best and never glam up so these sit like Miss Haversham in the dark. You are a glam puss x
    Am I egged!

  9. Ha ha -- maybe I will egg you, maybe not. Expect it when you least expect it! :-P

  10. Hi there-fab post my dear and repeat buys for me has to be dresses-aargh, get rid of 5 on my declutter and still bought the DKNY one, when it wasn't really needed, LOL! Look forward to seeing more of Girlynomics too!

  11. I hope that this post wakes your agent up and makes her see how timely and relevant your book is.


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