Friday, 5 June 2009

Neat freak

When I was doing my styling stint in Watford I realised what a neat freak I am. I find untidy shops very annoying. Imagine my horror at having to work in Primark for a couple of hours styling ladies in jeans. I set about organising my crib pronto!

They may be cheap but there's order in them rails!


  1. haha, I would go crazy like that... It annoys me so much when things arent in order, or when sizes are on the wrong coathangers and ahhh. ahah i understand, I'm an organisation freak too:)


  2. Hi there-LOL, thats a lot better than my local Primarks, they were lucky you were available to do that!

  3. I'm exactly the same, when i go in shops I just have to pick up the items on the floor and re-hang them!

  4. Changing the subject, where was the wonderful '50s header shot for your Make Do Style blog taken? Love it! Looks like a curiously cool place to be ...


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