Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Selfridges starts sale scurry!

Shoe prices have been slashed at Selfridges. I was only there as one of my lovely clients needed to get some clothes and so discovered there was a mix of normal stock and prices in some concessions and extreme slashing in others.

We got a lovely Paul Smith black dress down from £270 to £135 and she tried on a fabulous Thakoon number down from £980 to £440 but the Paul Smith suited her better. There were glorious Matthew Williamson dresses also reduced by 50%. Lots of concessions are still at full price but Toast has already gone sale mad on the 3rd floor and the online sale doesn't start for a week. The shoe department is a complete frenzy, Prada was cordoned off with only so many allowed in at one time - bonkers. Particularly as Christian Louboutin's were sat alongside Lanvin, Alaia Azzedine to name a few without a cordoning off in sight.

If you fancy climbing up on the shoe ladder then now is the time to snag some bargains. Moi - well I'm on a budget (zero) and attempting to sort through the mess on a styling session is pointless unless it was specifically a sale one. We hot footed it to Russell & Bromley for some gorgeous gladiators and a pair of tributes to 'Tributes'.

Now my client also gave me the best story of the day in the world of bad publicity. Now this is not the Hogggate that poor Susie Bubble had the misfortune to suffer, but how to make your husband think your stylist is a nightmare. True, I mentioned to said client that it would be better to have more wardrobe space so she could hang all her clothes together but I didn't expect this to result in a house MOVE! Can you imagine the curses muttered by the husband about the 'bl**dy stylist' - hey I'm innocent in this.

Seriously, their house is being viewed tomorrow morning and they are viewing another one with an intent to buy too. See I told you girlynomics would save the world (even though this is extreme girlynomics!). When the housing market gets going again you'll know who helped it along....


  1. Hi there-yes, sale season is upon us again, but there isn't really anything I want or need-except perfume, but Chanel is not reduced in any of the shops I think!!

  2. ahhh Sale Season again....I have no intention in buying anything except for spending money on Camera stuff....again.

  3. Sounds like they brought their sale early by a day, some really good finds there.

    I know it's not exactly fashion-y but I'm crushing on one of Toast's frocks. It's the pink floral three-quarter sleeve one from SS09. Wonder if they're going to reduce it...

  4. Ha! Funny story about the intended move! :-)


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