Wednesday, 24 June 2009

For Good Measure

I spent a lot of time last week randomly measuring women's bust measurements! It started because I noted one of the nursery nurses was wearing an ill fitting bra and as she is pregnant I was on the case immediately. The only way I could remember to bring my tape measure when picking up petit garcon was to wear it round my neck, draped in a good old fashioned dressmaker way. Invariable I conducted a few at nursery, a couple in the park and one for the neighbour in her drive.

The tape measure prompted a dialogue and it reminds me of the poster on the 3rd floor in Selfridges bra department '90% of women are wearing the wrong bra'. Shocking as that statistic is, it's true. I can tell at ten paces that someone is wearing the wrong bra, even when I see posted photos on your blogs, I'll always make a mental measurement and conclude 9 times out of 10 - wrong bra size!

Then Susie Bubble posted a great piece on flaming bras and I love the treatment and experimentation with lace bras. However, Susie made a remark about endowment and not always needing to wear a bra. Now even when I was flat chested I always wore a bra - okay 28AA isn't a size to remark upon but from an early age I was obsessed with the bust area. I noted shapes, stretch marks and how the bust looked in clothes. I made sure I found out which exercises improved the bust, splashed cold water on in a daily ritual and bought special cream. If I wasn't so busy and currently surviving on a paltry income, I'd be using the present tense. I intend to draw up a fitness routine soon to get me focused again as I've been slacking of late.

The point of detailing my obsession is ...I can say that I've survived the ravages of pregnancy, age and lifestyle abuse (I was a bit rock and roll once!) with firm breasts in tack, although I still fondly look back at 28AA now I'm a 30E.

E cup sounds dramatic but if my back was broader then my cup size would be smaller. Also cup size is dependent on the measurement from breast bone to under the armpit. I'm wider at front so a DD would cut in, to soon. I tend to assess correct bra size by tape measurement, (only ever a guidance) the eye and of course fit with differing bras. And it is the correct fitting plus support of your breast tissue that helps keep the bust area in good shape. Unless you are pancake flat like a boy then you do need to wear a bra because after a while the elasticity of the skin alters. What was once a pert pair of small breast becomes sock like and downward pointing. Keep 'em contained!

Last year I touched upon this obsession after treating myself to a fitting and new bras. My favourite purchase was a purple number with matching knickers by Sexy Panties and Naughty Knickers - imagine Mr MDS's joy when S.P.A.N.K was written on my underwear. And guess what I hadn't figured it out when I bought them.

Nice brightly coloured bras and in a range of cup sizes are hard to come by, so I was very pleased when S.P.A.N.K sent me their new collection and was particularly taken with a bright blue offering.

Nancy Bra and Pants

I love bras being on display and share a Patricia Field need to flaunt bra wearing. I don't see bras as unobtrusive numbers unless you need to create that look. I watch Mad Men for Joan's perfectly positioned pair in under garment upholstery that I adore. Equally I'm a fan of that French boudoir, louche, almost courtesan underwear apparel.

Viva Nighty Knickers

The softness of Sexy Panties bras is second to none and their hot pink bra is on my wish list. Stocked in Selfridges, Topshop and Figleaves in the UK plus Barneys and Bendels in the US - in A to FF cups. Make sure you get yourself a good bra fitting soon!


  1. Being properly fitted for a bra has been on my to-do list for absolutely EVER. I really must do it soon - I adore beautiful lingerie. I don't own any beige or white, as I'm like you, a beautiful bra is part of the outfit.
    Now why don't you live closer so I can get you to come over with your tape? There is something so intimidating about those lingerie ladies at the store.

  2. I've always thought I wear the right bra size but maybe I should get measured this summer and see. And even though I'm really flat chested I always wear a bra. Mostly because I don't want that saggy Britney-boob look.

  3. they say a good 70% if not more of women are wearing the wrong bra size!
    hope you have been well.
    muah x

  4. I had my first proper bra fitting a couple of years ago and was amazed how wrong my previous bra was! There's nothing better than a nice new bra and pants set to make you feel wonderful.

  5. Hi there-fabulous post with a lot of good advice, I wish I was a bigger size, but being flat chested has its advantages sometimes!!

  6. I am a 34DD. I thought I was a 38B. I was wrong. The news that I was a DD was shocking. But, I am much happier know that I am in the right size.

  7. Cybil - I'll hop over! I'm such the lingerie ladies are fine probably a bit brusque. It's worth getting measured x

    Coco - too true keep 'em pert!

    Marian - I spend all day noticing ill fitting bras. I don't mean to but it is obvious.

    Delicious - I know a good fitting and a lovely lingerie set is better than ....!

    Sal - I've seen and commented. I need to make a fittings video to save the nation!

    Sharon Rose - yes I agree having been flat chested.

    La Belette - my stylist friend and I chant 'no one is a 34B' - it's what most people think they are. Glad you are sorted!

  8. I always wanted to know if I'm wearing the right size, but never got the opportunity of knowing that. :(


  9. Love that blue underwear set! Hope I am wearing the right size, these babies need good support!

  10. This is all so true! I was thrilled to make my sister get a fitting after I saw the whole bra thing on Oprah.

    I love a good push-up bra, and I don't even feel like myself without one.

  11. It is so true...I have many bras that don't fit at happens a lot: you buy something and after wearing, you realize that it is your wrong size...I just have a few ones that fit well...this is so bad...

  12. I love the idea of you running around measuring up bosoms.

    Must be the season for it. I just got fitted by a lovely French lady from Chantelle yesterday! xx

  13. Couldn't agree more Kate. One of my pet peeves is to see a perfectly well-dressed, elegant woman with a bra that is too small creating unsightly bulges on either side. It ruins the look and looks horribly uncomfortable.

    The Luxe Chronicles

  14. You've worried me! Now I need to know if you think i'm wearing the wrong sized bra! :s

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  18. Most women are not wearing the right size of bra because they don't know what their size is. There are instructions online on how to measure the size of your bust. Also, there are underwear stores that offer free measuring and consultation, if you really don't know how to do it yourself. It's easy. I don't see why this is neglected by most women. Pay more attention to picking the perfect fitting bra and you will realize that it's possible for comfort and sexiness to go together.

    Ted Juhl


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