Saturday, 27 June 2009

High Street pick of the week

I'm currently into orange in a big way although my current obsession seemed a bit silly when I contemplated cutting the head off one of the many marigolds I planted. I selected the orange ones but a rouge yellow head appeared yesterday spoiling my YSL palette!

Therefore my pick of the high street is for those of you going on a mini-break (doesn't that sound sooo Bridget Jones!). If you're jetting off to Ibiza, hitting Cornwall or just visiting the parents arrive in style with this bright number.

It's orange and has a great new fashion forward (again sooo Grazia copy last year) style given it's boxy shape.

If you're feeling more subdued there's a black version available at M&S for £89

Moi, I'll be staying at home tending to plants and brushing up on my copy writing skills.

PS. The luggage problems at T5 are another good reason to invest in carry on and capsule wardrobe!


  1. Goodness, I do so love that bag XD

  2. Hi there-perfect for summer, I've a hermes style orange bag I should start using more this summer too!

  3. Gorgeous! Loving that tomato red!


  4. Ah yes, I'm loving their new patent hold-alls in a BIG WAY! xx

  5. Cute! It's the perfect shade of orange too.

  6. i WANT the orange!! Nay, i NEED the orange.


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