Saturday, 20 June 2009

High Street pick of the week

I'm a fairly conservative dresser with a dash of occasional quirkiness thrown in. By conservative I mean I'd salivate over Bogatta Veneta before Balmain. Would choose a Chanel jacket over any current 'must have' etc.

I prefer a chic cap sleeve tee over vests as I'm scarred by past visions of J'adore Dior vests with jeans and heels, not due to personal faux pas but being surrounded by the look at one point. However I do like a vest tee substitute to wear with jeans or shorts for a summer casual off duty look with ease and this find at Warehouse mid week fitted the bill.

Asymmetric Zip Vest £28 Warehouse

PS. The sales at Selfridges are going well as I discovered when I had my other personal styling client yesterday. If you are Halston fan then you can pick up something with a 60% reduction!


  1. Hi there-thats a cute vest top! Have a great weekend!

  2. So love your header. Sounds like a great bargain.

  3. Edgy and fabulous ~ love it!


  4. Agree with you on BV, one of their slouch bags comes second on the wishlist to the 2.55.

  5. That vest is fab, so is 60 percent off!


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