Monday, 29 June 2009

Paper pants begone!

It's not everyday a stranger offers to send you silk knickers and certainly not ones enriched with shea butter! But who am I to say no...

The silk pants in question are a special edition designed by Ayten Gasson for Andrex and what a collaboration. It is in conjunction with the launch of Andrex's new luxury toilet tissue made with shea butter - incredible! I'm amazed at how a bog standard product can be diversified into a luxury moment with ones intimate absolution's. Hey ho!

However, the Andrex/Ayten collaboration is also in aid of raising money for the charity Look Good Feel Better, a workshop programme taking place in hospitals with cancer treatment patients.

Now did anyone elses mother make you wear paper pants on overseas journeys as a child, or am I the only adult with such a memory of being made to wear them!

Special edition £10 silk knickers on sale from Andrex or Bordello


  1. I do like that it raises money for towards Look Good Feel Better - such an awesome charity!

    Otherwise I'm not too sure about 'em. I couldn't work out how they stay, erm, moisturised after they've been washed. You'll have to tell us how you go! xx

  2. Hi there-ooh, I'm waiting for a pair too!! I thought I'd do my post once I'd tried them on!!

  3. that is such a great cause! hoep you had a good weekend!
    muah x

  4. Top Bird - my thoughts exactly!

    Sharon Rose - how funny! I have to say I've had it with all these using a blogger things. But I thought I should assist the benefitting cause!

    MArian - thanks it is.

  5. Paper pants? Are they like diapers? These knickers are so much chicer!;-)

  6. La Belette - no seriously they were knickers but made of a sort of durable paper. It was that classic throw away convenience for mums!

  7. Paper pants? I'm literally laughing out loud.

  8. Gorgeous skivvies, darling!


  9. Oh sounds good! Can't wait to see more photos here.=D

    A Writers Den
    The Brown Mestizo

  10. Paper pants?! I can see why that didn't catch on! :)
    I am also waiting for my butter knickers to arrive: not sure how I feel about them though!

  11. No paper pants for me as a child or adult!


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