Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Blogma '09

In the history of film there have been a number of notable manifestos issued by a group of film makers to 'identify' their view or mode of operation to the visual craft of film. Dogma '95 probably being the most recent, overt and discussed (I'm happy to be informed otherwise). I won't bore you with the many such film manifestos by German Expressionists, Soviets or Surrealist, truly I won't. However, I am going to file my own manifesto in the name of blogging to put a stop to lazy marketing and PR.

1. I will not respond to any emails asking me to post information - Please don't send me a 'this may be of interest to ....' Invariably this means you have emailed without proper investigation. I usually commit because I'm an easy going person having worked in marketing and PR I know the pressure, needs etc. Hence why I'm putting a blogma/dogma to protect me from boring my readers or being a weak lily livered blogger. Desist at once, I am.

2. Proper invites to fashion events are welcome - these could be academic forums, general talks or actual fashion shows of whatever form. To help you (marketing assist, PR assist, intern etc.) assess the relevance of my blog the age demographic is mainly 25+, with a higher 35 - 50 aged readership (this is derived as a result of comments, me being nosey and guesswork). I work as a stylist so attend certain events but I'm not high profile as I have petit garcon and like Phoebe Philo would never put my work before him.

gratuitous photo of the garcon

3. I have no affinity to a brand or shop - I am independent. Yes I do have a my-wardrobe.com advert and therefore a fiscal affinity to it but I genuinely like the fact of diversity for the internet shopper and Net-a-Porter and My-wardrobe as well as ASOS are the only truly pure internet shopping businesses in the UK. Lots of peeps have Net, a few have ASOS, I'm encouraging competition and potentially choice with my-wardrobe. I was asked politely and I said yes. If you do click via my link and then purchase I will eventually get a percentage, that's how it works. If you as readers considered it an affront or wanted it to go I would bow to public pressure. The blog is for my writing not making money. The other advert is to alert UK readers to sale items. I move it up and down according to the time of year it is - currently sale season. My independence is no longer for sale see 1 but I am open to invitations see 2.

4. I always aim to keep readers entertained and informed - according to my editorial viewpoint. Given this viewpoint is wide and eclectic don't expect consistency. Do expect a critical analysis of the fashion industry, social trends and other matters. I am not surreal or ironic or convoluted.

5. I will ramble at times - so what, this is a wonderful liberation from deadlines, editors, sub editors and the formality of office/work politics.
That's enough blogma/dogma but in the true spirit of revolutionary thought I can be bought no more. I am above corruption - did you hear me Mr Lagerfeld!


  1. Well said, especially no.1! i haven't been blogging for long but already I'm getting random requests for posting links and information. They invariably start 'I came across your blog and thought you might be interested in...' ...Wedding Rings. Nike trainers. Sportswear. hmmm, really? What made you think that those would be things I would possibly be interested in? its just lazy.

    If a marketing person approached me with something that I genuinely thought was good/interesting, I wouldn't be averse to blogging about it, but it would need to be relevant to me and properly researched.

  2. Ha! So funny - I just wrote a post about what to do about no.1 for the IFB website! And your right - lazy PRs should get their acts together!

  3. Ha! So funny - I just wrote a post about what to do about no.1 for the IFB website! And your right - lazy PRs should get their acts together!

  4. I love kid's pic...he is very sweet :)

  5. Good for you my dear and le petit garcon looks very serene and handsome in this photo!!

  6. If Karl Lagerfield is trying to buy you I suggest selling out. If your blog becomes nothing but a Chanel showroom and as a reward you get every Chanel item you ever dreamed of I will happily celebrate your corruption.

  7. Love it, Kate. Always the straight-shooter.

  8. And here I was just about to give you LOTS of precious jewelry as a bribe. Oh well!

  9. A very good mantra.... the sort that helps weed the wheat from the chaff of emails....

  10. You lend dignity to the blogosphere, my dear! Love this post!



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