Thursday, 18 June 2009

Bags of Power

Nothing beats an Anya Hindmarch in my book. Yes I might love and admire, in fact covert a Chanel 2.55. I wouldn't say not to a Prada or two, plus I'm quite partial to few others but my serious gazing is always reserved for a Hindmarch.

I was quite overcome with a grown up urge to possess this Grey Sylvia Boxy bag it would make me almost glide amongst the crowds. There are a lot of crowds currently in London - half of Europe has descended to shop, eat and take in a gallery or two! I need a good bag to distinguish my very being. I feel boxy bags are the future.


  1. Hi there-very nice indeed, a gorgeous colour too!

  2. I remember when I saw my first A.H. in Harrod's. I'd never heard of the brand, but I was entranced by the quality and structure. The bags are superb.

  3. Gorgeous choice, darling! Love it!



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