Friday, 30 October 2009

That Friday Feeling

Why does Friday make you feel like you want to put on high heels, red lipstick and a glam dress? Come Saturday I'm all for sitting in front of the telly with a cup of tea and X Factor.

If I was sipping a Dirty Martini at Mews of Mayfair (for some reason this place is my latest tipple joint) I wish it were in this Acne dress. The combination of sculpture and denim adds an edge plus I'd be able to dress it down with a t-shirt underneath for daytime styling work - ah I can but dream about my fabulous outfit and my Dirty Martini...


  1. amazing dress! i am the complete opposite with the weekend nights though. Friday night I tend to watch a film and fall asleep on the sofa, but saturday is going out night!

  2. Hi there-that is a wow dress, certainly so stylish and chic!

  3. Gorgeous dress!
    I wish I had energy to feel like going out on Friday. At the moment all I want is a nice dinner, sofa, tv in a company of my husband and our dog.
    Oh, yes, and I will be watching X-factor repeat tonight as don't get a chance to do it on Saturdays.

    Have a great day and lovely weekend!


  4. I think I would feel like I was wearing a hoola hoop in that dress! is there inside I wonder to keep that bit sticking out! Oh but am sure your leather jacket would look fab over that!

  5. Thats an amazing dress. I think that denim fabric helps hold everything in place :)
    Fridays make me feel like putting on jeans... I don't know maybe it's just lazy me !

  6. SWOON! That dress is phenomenal. I'm a teetotaler, though ... do you think I could still wear it while sipping Diet Coke?

  7. What a fantastic dress, dear!!
    Oh I so wish I had that Friday's feeling.
    Right now I tend to think TGIF to rest and put some late things on time.

    Have a nice weekend


  8. I think this dress is so chic but I know I would come home with crumbs in it !!

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  10. I LOVE that dress, it's gorgeous, and I know what you mean about a Friday night! (And most of my Saturdays nights are in front of the Tv in PJs with a cup of tea or a glass of wine) xxx Have a good weekend! (And we must go for a Martini soon!)

  11. You would look great in that dress, I saw it in Liberty a few weeks ago.

  12. Tres chic dress. And thanks much for your DVF recommendation chez moi. It's a lovely frock.

  13. I totally love this dress. It's sexy but demure. And the fabric is so beautiful. But the price!

  14. Cool...not sure that I could carry off the sculptural part. But, hey, I used to hate strapless and now I love it! So you never know.

  15. Dang. What a cool shape! And a conversation starter, I bet.


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