Saturday, 31 October 2009

High Street Pick of the Week

Having just enjoyed a wonderful mild October, with the most beautiful autumnal colour display on the trees and hedgerows, the cold winter weather is around the corner so, it is time to get toasty! And what could be warmer than flannel, and a flannel dressing gown at that. Just add cashmere socks!


  1. Hi there-yes, now is the time to be thinking cosy, I need to invest in some cosy socks for sure!! Have a nice weekend, hope the week went well with all your hard work that you were doing!

  2. Very beautiful and cozy. Colours are gorgeous. x

  3. Had to admire you dressing gowns are hardly top ten when it comes to fashion stakes. It was a good shout as suddenly I discovered flannel bedlinen - which will be top draw for winter.

  4. Like the idea of cashmere socks too!

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