Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Vintage Saturday surprise

On Saturday morning I caught up on blog posts and had a good read of Sharon Rose's tips on thrifting and vintage. A friend of mine who runs an ebay business Closet Encounters came and picked up my wares to sell for me and then I popped to my parents to see how they are getting on a week later after moving.

Driving there I was thinking of life post MA, going to car boots sales, reading fiction and what things I could do to the house. I don't know how it happens but any time I have a quick Sharon Rose channel regarding thrifting something unexpected happens.

My dear mother had unearthed 3 maxi dresses of hers from the 70s to give to me. I couldn't believe my luck. They fit although the cut does highlight the change in living, I will be adding full focus on losing 8 pounds to my post MA to do list - it's all that comfort eating during my writer's block moments which are in greater proportion to my outputs.

pattern of dress and rope detail on waist, which is also finishes the neck of the dress. The dress was actually made in the UK

Bit of a snug fit but it is a lovely summer number. I was amused as this dress was from C&A, however the design and construction of the dress is far superior to most high street offering, I realised how cheaply made are the cheaper items we have today. This dress will look wonderful accessorised with gold

pattern of dress

the kimono style sleeves are brilliant and it's probably from Fenwicks (most of her clothes were from Fenwicks - there's another old Fenwicks velvet maxi dress which I shortened and added heavy beading bought from John Lewis

this snap shows the colour of the third dress which is another Fenwicks number we think

a closer look at the sleeve detail

the evening maxi dress

Alas that's my lot, no more hidden gems. I won't dwell on a Balenciaga number she lost....


  1. Oh how fun! It must be neat to look through vintage treasures that your mom saved. Are you planning to wear the dresses as is, or alter them somehow?

  2. How lucky are you??? Those maxi dresses are just totally gorgeous and are totally timeless treasured pieces. I know from having my mums dresses, they are so much more valued and I only wish I had more of her pieces!! My fave here is the 2nd maxi dress, adore the pattern, colouring, cut and style-lucky you nabbed them before they went to a charity shop!!

  3. Kari - I will wear a is as they are all so well made and lovely.

    Sharon Rose - Luckily she knew I'd like them so I was practically given them the moment I walked through the door. The second one is the most modern in terms of its cut, its my favourite too and I will wear it a lot.

  4. Reminds me of photos I have of my mother in the same era. Sadly, none of those dresses survived- all went to the charity shop at the end of the 70s I think!

  5. Love especially the first one! My mom has a whole 60s/70s collection in the attic and I used to play dress up with them when I was a kid.... I wonder if there's anything left of "value". I am not even going to ask about the Balenciaga, but I am curious!

  6. Love maxi dresses and so glad they are back in. Such a comfortable garment. Lost a Balenciaga?!?!? Oh no!

  7. These are great, you're so lucky she kept them all this time, my mums 70's clothes are long gone. I think the second one is my favourite too, although the first one is so cute.

  8. Wow. I am impressed.
    I am so glad you like the ncklace and scarf. I'd love to see how you wear them.

  9. I don't see any evidence of a snug fit. You look great, and those dresses are perfect for you! How nice that your mother kept them all this time, and you can wear them now. Beautiful.

  10. What a fantastic haul! And I agree with enc, I think they all look marvelous on you right now.

  11. Nice score from mom! Sorry about the Sonia Rykiel top ;-)

    I meant to do a post just on you inspiring me to buy it, but then Jennine took a picture and everything was crazy and so on and so forth! I'll have to revisit the issue.

  12. Gorgeous dresses, darling!


  13. Lucky you. You're right about Sharon; she gives great tips.

  14. Those are lovely for fabulous YOU! :)

  15. V beautiful! I have already thrown/given away things I wish I'd saved for my girls . . .

  16. Wow, how very lucky :)
    Wish my mom saved stuff but she has a thing that seems to prevent her from saving anything... !! :(
    I sometimes look at her pictures and take deep breaths... sigh...
    I have to say the dresses are gorgeous and I do agree with you, every time I have the opportunity to look at vintage items, the cuts, the sewing, pattern, everything is just so much better quality - almost couture! (note I am no expert)...
    My fave is the yellow, I hope you have fun wearing them

  17. Ah those are wonderful dresses. I especially like the braided belt on the first one, and the colour of the last! Its awesome to find old treasures, and especially when it is within the family!


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