Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Fab Fabric of Fun

Of late the postman had been very late with the deliveries, sometimes not until 5pm! However we seem to have a new whipper snapper of a postie, I saw him jump over a hedge saving a dull walk and he's wearing big trendy closed backed headphones. Anyway he was, unbeknownst to him the deliverer of a lovely parcel from The Small Fabric of My Life. When I entered into the Capsule Wardrobe challenge, I had no idea there was a prize it was such a great challenge I just wanted to do it. To win was brilliant and so it was very exciting to be sent a prize.

I received a gorgeous silk scarf which I tied round my bag as it added zing. It will be the perfect spring/summer scarf. I took a photo of it on the bag whilst on the train into Waterloo.

I had to pop into the London College of Fashion and as I had no childcare the petit garcon was with me. He is the perfect young boy around town and insisted upon wearing a shirt and his best coat! He has a little life ruck sack on his back with a safety strap firmly attached to my hand.

petit garcon in LCF canteen

We met up later with Mr MDS for supper and I made him take a photo of the second item in my parcel a great necklace! Thank you Jane for such a gorgeous and unexpected present.


  1. I am so pleased you liked the parcel. I received a lovely package from Sheils of Ephemera (on my blog list) a couple of weeks ago and it was so exciting.
    Your son is very very cute.

  2. Hi there-sounds like you and le petit garcon had a great day, the necklace and scarf is fab, well done!

  3. Unexpected prizes/gifts are always nice...! Your son is adorable - I might have said it before, but it needs to be repeated. :)

  4. This parcel sounds like a great surprise and that scarf is so beautiful! x

  5. Fantastic! Congrats! And Petit G looks amazingly cool!

  6. Such a great scarf, necklace and the petit garcon is so lovely! I am always in love for his cute pics...thanks so much for that!

    Many kisses for you both :)

  7. Fabulous necklace!
    And your son is so adorable, darling!


  8. Petit garçon looks adorable!

    Great gifts too :)

  9. oh i do love receiving a parcel! especially unexpected ones. aww he is such a cutie in that darling coat! :o)

  10. I love your idea that tying silk scarf around your bag. That is a great alternative with using silk scarves.

  11. The scarf is great - I can't decide which I love more, scarf or necklace!

  12. Awesome...congrats..and dont ya love mail????

  13. What great prizes!

    Your sun is so cute, how do you stand it? ;)


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