Friday, 11 June 2010

The green poncho goes on its travels

Up I got bright and early Thursday morning to go to Belfast. It was a bit nippy and I selected the green poncho as my accessory to keep the chill off. After all I was flying Aer Lingus and going to Belfast.

Sat in the Aer Lingus lounge

Day 4 of capsule wardrobe outfit is ASOS jumpsuit, Zara flats, Jigsaw belt, Hussain Chalayan tank worn under jumpsuit, Topshop necklace and Chanel sunglasses.

Queen Marie told me that I'd love Belfast and it was just like Glasgow. I've not been to Glasgow properly but I feel I know it inside out due to my father's artwork from his time at the Glasgow School of Art.
Belfast building very reminiscent of architecture in Glasgow

Belfast is a lovely city and so friendly. I got the airport bus in and on the way out. The driver said when myself and Tara the makeup artist got on the bus on Friday morning, 'I's took yous into town.' (That is my best attempt at writing a Belfast accent). I'd asked him on Thursday morning to give us a shout when we got to City Hall and he did. We have never been made so welcome by so many people. We couldn't go anywhere without dispensing makeup and styling advice. We loved that people asked us what we did and then when they found out they were straight in there for advice. Tara is a font of all knowledge and so I'm going to pencil her in for a post on her top makeup tips and products.

The event went really well and all the women who came from all ages were lovely. Having abandoned my attempt to get the women of the UK to feel the Fashion Force on jumpsuits, I set about underwear as outerwear. I've completely sold the maxi dress to one and all but I still want more risk taking. However the underwear as outerwear was another Fashion Force special that met with slight horror, sweaty foreheads and made for much sucking in of stomachs.

Day 4 capsule wardrobe evening wear for event. Topshop jumpsuit, Pierre Hardy for Gap shoes, Reiss belt and I threw on a grey kimono Topshop item from my clothes rail when I realised I had tan marks on my back from swimming outdoors.

Feeling the maxi love

The lovely Topshop body suit that was spurned

My best discovery in Belfast apart from how nice it is and the friendly people was PoppoGoblin on Alfred St. We were staying at the Premier Inn (oh the glamour of it all) despite working at the Radisson and right next door was one of the best café's in the world. Gorgeous juices, smoothies and coffee plus wonderful fresh sandwiches and soups. On Thursday lunchtime I had a cream cheese and salmon bagel with an Iron Boost juice, consisting of beetroot, ginger,apple, carrot and spinach.

On Friday morning I passed on the Premier Inn breakfast and nipped into PoppoGoblin. What a feast greeted my eyes! The lovely owner (whose name I forgot to ask) only bakes fresh scones in the morning. I choose the blueberry and white chocolate one over the raspberry and honey offering. I selected "The Cure" as my morning smoothie, loadsa berries, banana, yogurt and fresh orange juice. I'm not saying I was hungover but I had quaffed a few glasses of vino.

Then I was kindly given the nicest Americano coffee by said owner who loves his café and also plays great music there as he also dj's. Yummy Belfast!

Poppogoblin on Alfred St, the chairs match my green poncho

Good grief Gok is selling crisps now!

My smoothie being prepared

Oh my, look what I spied

The perfect breakfast

The blueberry & white chocolate scone in all its glory


  1. I was born in Belfast and always meant to go back. Love the maxi dresses! And the breakfast looks lovely... Not sure I'd want Gok's face looming out from my Snack a Jacks. Not that I even eat bloody Snack a Jacks! I'd rather eat a couple of bags of crisps. Hope you have a great weekend xx

  2. You are really working those jumpsuits. Great look for you!

  3. You look slinky in the black jumpsuits,v cool. Also i want one of those muffin scone thinges right now!

  4. Gok promoting crisps! How crazy!
    Loving the jumpsuit on you and the fab green poncho. Those maxi dresses are to die for and I adore the TopShop body, very 80's Madonna.

  5. The maxi dresses are to die for, you look fab and the whole trip sounds fantastic!

  6. Gok = Snacks - priceless glad you're having fun away

  7. I still haven't worn my jumpsuit - must do it! Your hair is looking fab!

  8. Great post and great review of Belfast, not that we are biased here!

  9. Hi my dear, just wanted to say a much belated Hi!!! Well done on your tour, sounds a lot of fun and hard work!! Love your choice of maxi's too, it was my birthday yesterday and as I went to Portobello Rd, I got this lovely maxi dress/harem pant strapless silk suit for only £25, very unusual but very nice, I will definitely show it when normal service resumes!! Have a lovely weekend, take care!!

  10. All I can think now is of that blueberry and white chocolate scone.......

    And you look just stunning in those jumpsuits, you go girl!!!

    Hope you're having a nice time.


  11. Those scones look the best.

  12. Everything looks gorgeous, most of all YOU!

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