Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Weekend Photo Shoot

Up and coming stylist Claire Wacey of WaceyStyle and myself worked on a project on Saturday for a soon to be launched publication. We worked well together and Claire is the younger more energetic one, moi I'm the jaded old trout! However our model Brooke was lovely. She is just starting on her modelling career but completing her schooling first. She was scouted by Storm but it would have meant working for them full time and so she choose education first! Claire recently did some test shoots of her for her agency so rightfully recommended her.

I think she has a promising career and could go far. I hope she does and I made her promise she'd make Claire and I her favoured stylists. I rarely favour a model but Brooke is fresh and learning so guiding her brings out the best out in me. I hope to use her a lot. Here is a flavour of the shoot.

Brooke has lovely long long legs...
The lovley long gown is a Jasper Garvida loaned by Push PR.

Claire has a great pink wig one of the many favoured props that are an obsession of ours! Don't ask about my prop frenzy for 5 mins that killed a few frames. Sometimes experimentation goes wrong - opps.


  1. Great pictures, I'm interested to know what the new publication is, so keep us posted!
    PS I have two friends who are die-hard jumpsuit fans!

  2. Now you have us all intrigued!! She is a lovely model and yep great legs! Your use of tape reminds me of a student art project I saw, the designer had collected all the random bits of tape they had come across over the year and spliced it together to form a recording, very strangly beautiful.

  3. Looking forward to seeing these .. look amazing xx

  4. Yes, those are seriously gorgeous legs! And good for her to finish her schooling first, that's a tough choice.

  5. I'd love to try a pink wig.

  6. Nice shots. Loving the pink wig - my niece has one, I may have to borrow it!


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