Saturday, 19 June 2010

High Street Pick of the Week

The sun has got his hat on. Well he's certainly happy with the straw boater micro trend. Get one and picnic in the park with strawberries and ice cream. While you're at it raise a glass of Pimms to Mr Sun.


  1. Great hat, although you would never catch me in a boater! I have loads of them upstairs as I deal with the second hand uniform for little mans school and the girls have to wear them, so sadly they remind me of school hats!

  2. Love it although I have trouble finding hats ..I have a big head.. you wouldn't have guessed would you. I have to buy mens usually, I have been wearing a trilby for years in the sun.. yes long before that Carrie girl :)

  3. Again, boaters also remind me of school hats (not my own but the other school kids in town) and therefore would not touch them with a bargepole (geddit?)

  4. Fab on the model, horrendous on me. I think they are a bit bordering on the schoolgirl for my liking.
    The sun has blown his hat off here today, it's more like ear muffs weather this morning.

  5. I love it, I never had a school hat so I really like them, I got one in Primark.

  6. I would wear a boater...if I had a Pimms in my hand.

  7. So cool!!!! I just love hats!
    Hope you're having a nice weekend


  8. I hope to have Pimms with you next month.

  9. That is a great hat. It would go with just about everything in my summer wardrobe.
    Hope your weekend's going well.


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