Sunday, 20 June 2010


Bunches of Sweet Williams dress my bicycle's basket up perfectly.


  1. My stepson's name is William. :-)

  2. How lovely .. I bet they do smell gorgeous .. how lovely I like your bike too.. I have one but its so hilly here its a nightmare just to get out of the village xx

  3. I love Sweet Williams, they are so pretty and last forever, besides, how could you not love something with such a sweet name!

    Helena xx

  4. I love Sweet Williams too x
    I wonder if they are easy to grow.
    Must investigate.

    (and yes I am fannying about instead of thinking about getting ready)

  5. They're gorgeous! I bought white, yellow and purple peonies this morning to try and brighten up the grey day.

    I like your bike. I'd love one like that but I think I'd probably kill myself! xx

  6. The sweet williams are beautiful. I hadn't really noticed them before this year but this year I've seen lots of them. The colours are just so fabulous!

  7. I went into Waitrose to get some this weekend and was so disappointed there wa sno scent. I hope yours are smellier. In a good way!

  8. This *so* makes me wish I had a basket on my bike!


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