Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Summer Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

From Monday to Friday The Small Fabric of my Life has challenged us to a summer capsule wardrobe. This year the 5 days consists of five items and limitless accessories.

I'm a bit behind with my posting on this and it is due to the tragic loss suffered by fellow blogger and friend Sister Wolf who eldest son passed away on Sunday. He had recently had more surgery after a long bout of previous surgery and recovery. She has made a brief statement. I have to confess to barely getting dressed on Monday although the house got really cleaned, the petit garcon was thoroughly spoiled and Mr MDS was greeted by the perfect housewife with a gin & tonic for him and supper on the table. Even if you don't know or read Sister Wolf a small moments thought of well wishing would be a lovely gesture.

My capsule 5 consists of 2 jumpsuits, 2 tops and a dress. It is nice and warm currently even though it is raining a lot. As long as the weather doesn't change I won't have to resort to a pashmina for warmth.

l to r: black Topshop jumpsuit, teal ASOS jumpsuit (both this season), grey Gap dress (4 yrs old) Hussain Chalayan tank (TK Maxx find) Reiss top (Sept 09).

Yesterday I wore the dress on its own with flip flops and my WendyB Little Woolf necklace

Today I'm wearing the grey dress with Reiss top over it and have added a scarf and some wedges. The petit garcon made a last minute dash into the picture sporting an Iron Man mask and a Woody the cowboy hat. Oh and that is my suitcase and bag packed on standby for Belfast.


  1. Lovely capsule and I wish your friend well. The thought of any mother losing a son is so desperateley sad.

  2. What a beautiful capsule wardrobe, I'd love every item in that collection.
    Adore the petit garcon!
    Much love to Sister Wolf.

  3. LOL -- I was thinking, "What is that creature standing near her?"

  4. Such sad news re: sister wolf. Petite garcon looks fabulous, as do you!

  5. I've been thinking about Sister Wolf - I hope she's okay.

    That mask is curiously scary...

  6. Lovely note on Sister Wolf.
    And you've now convinced me to go get a jumpsuit, and petit garcon - what an inspiration!

  7. Yes, it's so very sad about Sister Wolf. I will make an extra effort to spend time with my son this week.
    Summer wardrobe...not here in LA where it is fogy and gray outside.

  8. I love all, but the skirt and the beautiful scarf are so precious :)))

  9. I need to try the capsule wardrobe challenge, and I've earmarked my wardrobe for a revamp after reading one of your earlier posts!

    My thoughts are with Sister Wolf, its very sad news.

  10. your little chappie is so cute love it he had to get in the photo. I'm so sorry to hear about sister wolf's son. Too sad for words. My deepest sympathy x

  11. Is accessorising with a mini Iron Man in the rules! I love how he paired it with the cowboy hat LOL!

    Kindest thoughts to Sister Wolf

  12. WOW I love the items you picked for the challenge.
    Makes me feel like a total loser as I just picked out 5 dresses. I feel I am cheating :(
    I loved you picture specially with your petit garcon!

  13. Oh wow, what an excellent idea! It would be great to do that every week for work (think how much hassle it would save).

    Nice outfit, the grey goes lovely with the bold scarf, and the wedges.

    I was really sad to hear about Sister Wolf's son, I usually read her blog but have never commented. I hope she's bearing up as well as can be expected and surrounded by the people who love her.

  14. Having those two tops in the mix make so many things possible: like how you put one over the dress to completely change the look! Well done!

    LPG looks so cute!

  15. I love this challenge...might have to take it up myself. =D

    The petit garcon is adorable. =)

    And that was a lovely note about Sister Wolf. I absolutely adore her and this is so, so tragic.

  16. This is a lovely tribute to SW make Do Kate. She has a lot of cyber support.

    Love the Petit Garcon's cute outfit. xx

  17. hi, you have nice blog.. u can view also mine..

  18. Nice capsule.

    Thanks to you for being another source of support for Sister Wolf.

  19. Oh dear, just written a long response to you kind and helpful comment on my blog - thought I was too dim to leave a comment on your site, when it was my slow computer letting me


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